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House Stormgard was founded by Tchipakkan Arastorm (later Hlafdige Arastorm) and Maria of Oxenford along with  Aelfwine Dunedain (later King and Earl Aelfwine), Tostig Gewisse (later James the Fair), Fernando Salazar, and one other on the feast of Saint Valentine, February 14, A.S. VIII and recognized by the Barony of Carolingia February 15, A.S. IX.  Stormgard is currently located the Barony of Stonemarche in the East Kingdom.

It has served the SCA with varying intensity ever since.

In recent years, following Earl Aelfwine’s passing in 2002, the House has been quiet, but of late, there are stirrings of reviving the green shirted army of Stormgard….