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Current Members:

  • Hlafdig Arastorm the Golden
  • Ælfræd
  • Ælfðryð
  • Mistress Alizaunde de Bregeuf
  • Brian of Stonemarche
  • Frostulf Fayllen
  • MKA Trevor Hart

Honorary Members:

  • MKA Shannon Hart (Spouses and significant others of members are honorary members)

Inactive Members:

  • Maria of Oxenford
  • Ælfwine Dunedain
  • Tostig Gewisse (later James the Fair)
  • Fernando Salazar
  • MKA Patricia (No SCA name, sister of Arastorm)
  • Vissevald Selkirksson
  • Several others. (If you know someone who should be on this list, please contact us!)

Becoming a Member of Stormgard:

Talk to Hlafdig Arastorm.  She’ll give you the details.